About Me

About Me

My name is Yair Gadelov, and I have worked as a professional RT/Embedded Software Engineer for almost a decade. Before that, I worked as an algorithm engineer for about five years and worked with machine learning, signal processing, and numerical analysis. I have leadership capabilities and can work in a team and as a self-depended. I hold an MSc degree from Ben-Gurion University, Israel, in electrical engineering and have vast experience developing algorithms, SW, and HW. In addition, I’m highly skilled in multiple coding languages. Furthermore, I have experience leading projects, developing and designing products from scratch in cutting-edge technologies such as medical devices, 3d printing, and computer vision. These are some of the technologies I know and have experienced:

  • Linux - Expert level in Linux stuff like User and Kernel space programming. Linux scripts like bash/pythons. Linux distributions like Gentoo, Debian, Embedded Linux, and Yocto project and BSP. GNU toolchain: GCC, GDB, Make, CMake, etc.

  • Microcontrollers: Low-level programming with CPUs like STM32/Atmel cortex M series, Soft microcontrollers like NIOS2. Boot loaders programming. Differents embedded environments like kail, IAR, and GNU tools (open OCD, cross compilers)

  • HW & FPGA coding, HW tests, lab equipment, and bords bring up. I work with Zync-7000, Cyclone, and spartan-6. I have full-scale FPGA experience from design to simulation, synthesis, flushing the code to FPGA, testing, and integrating SW (from bare metal to Linux userspace code).

  • Programing languages: c/c++, Matlab, python, java, and GOLANG