Eclipse with CMake project on windows

Published at September 12, 2020 ·  5 min read

CMake is a powerful tool to manage c/c++ projects, and I prefer to use it in on my embedded projects also. Usually, the MCU has some communication with other processors (usually PC), and CMake also allows easy integration between both projects: MCU and HOST. For example, a shared source code that simultaneously able to recompile in both processors when any change occurs in these shared files. Usually, I work in a Linux environment in the terminal where everything is installed correctly in its place, and things work great....

Simple Hello World application using qt5 for embedded Linux device.

Published at April 1, 2020 ·  2 min read

This blog presents a simple example of how to create a qt5 application for a Linux embedded device that runs Wayland or x-server. I’m using Yocto build system. I already have a BSP for IMX8 + toolchain so. I just have to install qt5 on it. In the time that I wrote this page. See here a reference to use Yocto project. bug workaroud I worked with sumo branch and had to do some work around over three bugs that I found during the compilation of qt5....