Data streaming between two BLE devices: PSoc6 and nRF52832

Published at September 10, 2022 ·  3 min read

I had a project where I had to stream data between two BLE devices. The data source was connected to PSoc6 and sent using its BLE transceiver to the destination device, nRF52832. Usually but not must, the peripheral devices are used as a GATT client, and the central machines are used as a GATT server. Therefore, I set the PSoc6 (The data source) as the central device (client) and the nRF52832 as the peripheral device (server)....

Setup UART BLE using Nordic nrf52832

Published at September 16, 2021 ·  4 min read

I have played with Murata’s MBN52832 module BLE module. This module is based on a Nordic chipset (nRF52832), it has BLE and NFC capabilities and MCU with cortex-m4 to manage the radio operation. The module comes with a demo firmware without an AT Command interface, and the user has to write its application. However, the SW flexibility allows creating a standalone application with BLE and NFC without using a host device like a PC to operate the BLE radio....

Zephyr RTOS BringUp on stm32

Published at May 7, 2021 ·  7 min read

The Zephyr RTOS is one of the best around. It makes me feel like working on embedded Linux in the sense of device integration, code styling, device tree (DTS), CMake build systems and more. It has many build-in stacks for USB, networking, BLE, file system, boot loader, DFU, and more. Its API reaches and has partial POSIX support with a custom build system that makes tiny footprints. This post is a tutorial on bringing up for STM32 board with USB and USART interfaces....